Panjin and Shi Zhong Nong Nong and pastoral Co., Ltd., located in Panjin six and modern agricultural industrial park, registered capital of 3 million yuan. The project was introduced by the people's Government of Dawa County through consultation with Qingdao and Shi Zhong Oil Co., Ltd., and Qingdao and Shi Zhong Run Oil Co., Ltd. is Shandong and The group is engaged in the group of animal oil and protein processing, and 14 subsidiaries of real group, mainly including oil, feed additives, biological fermentation protein, organic food, fertilizer, international trade, the group realized sales of three billion yuan in 2017.
The company is located in Yonghong village, Qingshui Town, Panjin, Liaoning province. It covers an area of 80 mu. In the company, the production workshop and warehouse, boiler room, office, staff dormitory, dining hall and laboratory are complete. The company has 20 million yuan in fixed assets and 40 million yuan in mobile capital, with 10 existing management technicians and 12 production personnel in the workshop. The company's products are produced by the regular slaughtering company of fresh chicken and duck skin, chicken and duck oil (with animal quarantine certificate) as raw materials, through high temperature melting, production of feed oil. The existing domestic advanced heat conduction oil has 10 units, 8 hydraulic press machines and 4 finished oil tanks (500 tons), which can produce more than 80 tons of feed oil per day. The company has an independent laboratory, inspection equipment and reagents. All the personnel have passed the training and test certification of professional institutions. All the products produced have been finished. The quality inspection of good products ensures that all the finished products meet the quality requirements of the national standard.
The company relies on excellent enterprise culture, first-class technical management team, safety and quality products, flexible incentive mechanism and strategic positioning of global vision and polymerization development; and pursues customer supremacy, believes that customers provide safety and quality products for the goal, and strive to develop into the world class agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises. To make contributions to energy conservation, waste collection, processing and utilization, and sustainable, stable and healthy development of animal husbandry.

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