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With the growth of the enterprise and the expansion of the business field, the training and growth system of the company has gradually formed, and the dual career development channel has been established, and the employees are growing up on the platform of talent development provided by the company.
Professional skills upgrading in job training programs:
The company has established a special training system from the lines of production, raw materials, production, quality control, sales and finance. Through system curriculum design and daily problems, the company helps employees to improve their professional skills.
Talent echelon development project:
Middle level supervisor reserve and development plan: facing all kinds of outstanding staff members of the company, through systematic culture, leadership, business and management training projects, we combine cognition and practice closely, and have a comprehensive knowledge of corporate business, system thinking, analysis and solution for the development and business development of the company. The middle force of ability.
Senior managers reserve and development plan: for the outstanding managers and senior managers, through the EMBA project, domestic and foreign exchange inspection, EDP project, and so on, to cultivate the senior professional managers with strategic thinking, insight into the industry and enterprise development, with excellent leadership and management ability.
New staff training camp:
From the beginning of the establishment of the company, new staff training camps are held every year for graduates and 1-2 years of social recruits to help employees change their roles from the school people to the enterprise as soon as possible, to understand the basic knowledge of the industry and enterprises, to master the common working methods and tools of the enterprise, and to lay the foundation for the development of the future individuals and enterprises. Basics.
Rotation Cultivation:
From the new staff to the middle level supervisor, the company implements the cross training mode of talent rotation. Through the change of actual role and task, the staff can get the comprehensive and direct work experience and improve the staff's comprehensive business and management ability.

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