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Shandong Heshi Corporation Limited (hereafter Heshi) was established in June 2010 with headquarters in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. Heshi has a total of 26 national subsidiaries with production capacity in all areas of Shandong Province, as well as Liaoning, Sichuan provinces etc. The company's mission statement is to serve our nation and improve the well-being of fellow citizens by being environmentally responsible and be at the forefront of the continuously developing agricultural industry.

We strive to build a internationally recognised and forward-thinking agricultural company motivated by pursuing advancements in technology and drawing resources from industry consolidation, optimised company structure and leverage from capital operations.

In the early days of our establishment, Heshi achieved rapid growth through the hard work of many talented and experienced Heshi employees. The company's business activities now include food, grease, fermented protein, feedstock additives, fertilisers and international trade. Aside from satisfying domestic demand, some of our frozen fruit and vegetables are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea.

Heshi has a dedicated Research and Development team comprised of PhD and Masters Degree graduates as well as senior engineers to continuously study and develop organic agricultural technology, degradation of plant and animal protein, improve raw materials efficiency, become the next generation organic chelate, enhance our technologies for organic and inorganic fertiliser, undertake further research to find the most nutritious formula for feed grease. Our study to improve feedstock value of soya beans through micro-organism based enzymolysis has been accredited as world-class by experts in this field.

Heshi will embrace new market challenges and development opportunities with our core values of: 'Harmony, Integrity, Diligence, Studious and Honesty’. We will continue our ancestor's agricultural efforts in forging a highly efficient, modernised, professional and green future that will financially reward the farmers by improving the health of the masses. We will give our full effort in agricultural development and society advancement.

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