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The era of cooperation and development
Under the strategy of "laying solid foundation and cooperative development", the group fully integrated the resources in the industry under the strategy of "laying solid foundation and cooperative development". After the early exploration in some areas, the group accumulated rich experience in industrial operation, accelerated the development of oil, protein, additives and other industries in the animal husbandry, and was in danger of food danger. When the machine is increasingly serious, it takes the initiative to bear the responsibility of the big agricultural group, and develops the food industry quickly in the mission of "making the environment greener and making life more healthy".
Optimization times
After the rapid development of the earlier period, the structure of the group industry chain has been completed. The group puts forward the strategy of "improving the foundation and optimizing the development" to make the enterprise's eyes inward, improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost, improve the enterprise management and improve the specialized technology; in the food industry, strengthen the two ends, develop the base of development and build the specialty. The terminal service team.

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