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Relying on the strong fodder industry platform of the group, Qingdao New Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.  Qingdao KDN International Co., Ltd., have strong import and export business of feed raw materials, feed additives and related biochemical products, and serve the group and external customers.
The main import products are: fast fat (the Chinese agent of faibao company), DDGS, fish meal (origin: Peru, Southeast Asia, Africa), whey powder, flaxseed, etc.; export products: corn protein powder, lysine, choline chloride, DCP, protease, and some biochemical products: chondroitin sulfate (with chondroitin sulfate) Chicken, pig, cattle cartilage, trachea and other materials), glucosamine, two methyl sulfone, sodium alginate, products exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Become the most reliable and reliable wholesalers and suppliers of customers at home and abroad.

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