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With the core of modern biology and fine chemical technology, the center of research and development of real biology group, guided by green and safe, aims to improve the economic and ecological benefits of the industrial chain, and has a technical R & D team composed of several doctorate, master and senior engineer, represented by Professor Luo Xugang. Special research, dedicated to the concept of research and development, dedicated to modern organic and green agriculture and animal husbandry technology innovation, animal and plant protein raw material degradation, raw material function improvement, the development of new generation of organic trace elements chelates, new organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer technology promotion, the best nutrition scheme of feed oil and other national strategic. It also participates in the drafting of industry standards, the revision of national standards and the formulation of permission conditions for the production of feed additives by the Ministry of Agriculture. Among them, microbial fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis to improve the feeding value of soybean meal have reached international advanced level through expert evaluation.
With the mode of joint development of production, learning and research, it works closely with research institutes such as Jiangnan University, chemical industry (National) feed additive Engineering Technology Center, China Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ocean University of China and other scientific research institutes, and makes comprehensive use of scientific and software research resources of scientific research colleges and universities to promote excellent science and technology. The research and development of advanced agricultural projects at home and abroad has been devoted to the research and development of advanced agricultural projects at home and abroad. At the same time, it has created a first-class application research and development platform in China, which provides a guarantee for improving customer value and helping customers to provide professional and efficient solutions.

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